The beautiful Wanna Burn kitchen

Wanna Burn

At the Montana gathering in 2013, a couple of fire spinning folks noticed that there were a lot of unsafe fire practices going on and decided that the best way to address the issue was to make a fire performance kitchen. As a result, Rhythm and Beth Many Hats started Wanna Burn at the Utah 2014 gathering.

The stove at Wanna Burn While the kitchen may be fairly new to the gathering, its influences go back many years, first to Jah Love kitchen in the early 90s, then to NERF, and then most recently, Instant Soup. And while their main focus is on fire safety, Rhythm hopes that it can become a teaching and learning center for other things too. Part of the teaching and learning focuses on food and water safety and other kitchen basics (i.e. not putting in-line filters so that folks learn how to filter water with gravity water filters and other processes).

The vision: “That Wanna Burn would be a teaching and learning center. I would like yoga teachers to come. I would like anarchist awareness workshops. Even knitting.”

But while the folks at Wanna Burn work hard, they also find time to relax and practice other forms of Gathering. (So if Magic’s your thing, this is a great place to play.) They also like to play chess and other board games, and if you’re wanting to learn fire performance, Wanna Burn keeps a performance and practice space open just for that (as well as offering shows a couple of times a gathering). There’s honestly no place safer than Wanna Burn for that kind of thing.

But in the end, it’s a great place to find┬átasty, nutritious vegan/vegetarian food. No meat is served at Wanna Burn and it’s an alcohol-free space.

Playing Magic the Gathering at Wanna Burn
Playing Magic the Gathering at Wanna Burn.

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