• Has been attending gatherings off and on since 1999
  • Favorite hangout: Kiddie Village

“The kids got us here but it’s the family and the love that keeps me here.”

What makes you keep coming back to Rainbow Gatherings?

“It’s mainly the love that I feel the whole gathering through. That, and the prayer for peace that I feel on the 4th of July, and the silence. I love the silence on the morning of the 4th where we’re all praying and meditating for pretty much the same thing: world peace. It’s so needed in this world.”

It’s the love and the peace. We don’t get that out in the world, we don’t get that out in the cities. It’s something that I wish everyone could experience at least once.

“I first came to Kiddie Village for my kids—they’re what got us here. But now these friends have turned into family and so even once my kids are grown I’ll probably keep coming to Kiddie Village.”

Tiana at Kiddie Village

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