Phoenix getting ready for the children's parade on July 4th in South Dakota


  • Age: 10
  • Number of Gatherings: 8 as of Oregon 2017 (including one in utero)
  • Favorite Hangout: Kiddie Village

“I like Rainbow because of the vibes and the fact that you can get away from devices. And you can be free and peaceful.”

“I don’t have anything here that’s the most fun because it’s all fun. I like everything. Except for the days when your friends leave. Kids should come because it’s fun. You can explore and make friends. And you can figure out how to do things better.”

Phoneix at the Kiddie Village talent show
Phoenix performing his stand-up comic routine at the annual Kiddie Village talent show, OR 2017.

“If I could have something different I’d want each kitchen that serves meat to have two stoves: one that served bacon and one for vegetarians. And better cooking oils like coconut and almond oil.”

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