One-legged Matt

One-legged Matt

  • First gathering: Utah, 2003.
  • Favorite hangouts: Shut Up and Eat It, Nic @ Night

At his first om circle at Elizabeth Ridge, “a Christian passed me some energy and I grabbed it and added some energy to it and then passed it to a Krishna, and he looked at me the same way that the Christian had. And a rainbow appeared in the sky around the sun. It was just magical. I was in tears.”

Part of my calling here is to teach people the right way to do things. And since people on the dirty kid side of rainbow tend to listen to me, it works better if I’m a bit “perverted” and have a bit of fun. People learn things from it, whatever that thing is that they need to learn. Some people are too uptight. That’s when you wanna shake them up a bit and get them to have a bit of fun. Others are a bit too agro, so you just play the clown a bit and play the role you’re meant to play.

There’s a whole issue of hypocrisy at Rainbow. Many of the people screwing up the om circle are all people who grew up in Rainbow, and they want to call out that hypocrisy.

Since having kids, my philosophy’s changed. I used to believe that when things happened in the world that you felt couldn’t do anything about, you just had to say ‘fuck it’. Now I believe that when those things happen, you really gotta say ‘fuck you’ and try harder. We can’t just give up and run away. We gotta stand up and we gotta fix these things. That goes for all these things: the poison in the rivers, the poison in the skies, the poison in the political system. You gotta stand up to it and that’s what we’ve been trying to do—to make those changes and do it in a positive, peaceful way rather than a violent way.

Right now my mission is about my kids. It’s amazing how things change when you have a family. Before it was just about serving free food and doing disaster relief and living outside the system. Now it’s about trying to navigate the system. And it’s really hard because I backed out of the system completely and lived with Rainbow on the road 24/7 all year for 13 years. So getting back into Babylon is its own challenge.

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