Noah at Main Circle


  • Age: 14
  • Number of Gatherings: 7 as of Oregon 2017 (including one in utero)
  • Favorite Hangout: Info

Would you come to Rainbow if your family wasn’t coming?

“Totally! If I had the means to drive to it, I totally would. Every year I get surprisingly hyped for the gathering. I like the culture, the way society is built at Rainbow. You’re judged on what you contribute. I find that it motivates me to do great and help out, and it makes me feel good.”

“When it comes to productivity, I don’t feel the same way when I’m at home as I do at the gathering. I feel like a good person when I’m at a gathering. I want to contribute.”

“In Babylon it’s mostly about consumption and personal gain. At the gathering it’s more about putting into the pot for others. You can make food. Dig a shitter. Build a booth. Give info. Dig a compost pit. You can go help out anywhere you want. Almost everyone is looking to make friends. Everything here is an opportunity to plug in, help out, and make the place better.”

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