A dish of yummies served at Main Circle

About The Kitchens Of Rainbow

Rainbow Gatheirng Kitchens 2017
Instant Soup, Oregon 2017

This website was created to give a voice to all the long-standing kitchens, bakeries, tea houses, info booths, mud cafes, and performance spaces of the US national rainbow gatherings and the humans that build them, work in them, and love them. After 45 years, Rainbow now has a rich tapestry of hipstory, and these vortexes hard work, love, sweat, and dedication have been a key piece of it. Although mostly older kitchens were interviewed first, the intent is to give voice to a wide variety of individuals and groups: “shanti,””dirty kid,” and everything in between. Through perusing these pages we’ll hopefully get to know each other better–I know I’ve already learned a lot.

Pasta at main Circle
Pasta at Main Circle

This site and everything to do with it still a work in progress, so please be patient if you’re looking forward to your interview being posted. I also have a few more interviews to do of members of key kitchens before posting, too. In the end, I’m hoping to do a blog post once a week featuring a different kitchen, person, or kitchen aspect. (Please note, while I’m using the word “kitchen,” many groups and entities interviewed do not ascribe as such and that will be clarified on their individual pages. For example, Lovin’ Ovens is a bakery, Tea Time only serves tea to the greater gathering, Info deals in information, Granola Funk is a performance space, etc.)

Note: If you’re looking for the larger hipstory of Rainbow as recounted through our “earlies,” please see The Sounds Of Rainbow website Tenali put together.


Kiddie Village Ovens 2009
The three-oven bakery of Kiddie Village in New Mexico, 2009.

Another note: Permission was meticulously sought for all photos and postings. The only exceptions might be if your back was toward me, but in general, photos like the one above were taken with the entire kitchen either opting in or out.

All photos and writing was done by me, Teryani, unless otherwise specified.


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  1. Mia Agapi says:

    I look forward to following the site. Thanks for focalizing around Rainbow kitchen energy–past, present, and future. If you are interested in/open to contributions or other resources, please let me know. Thanks for your work!

    1. Teryani says:

      Hi Mia,

      Once the site gets going it will probably be open to guest contributions. What do you have in mind?

  2. Fire Dragon of the Ovens says:

    The photo of the ovens you have on your cover is not from a kitchen. Lovin Ovens is a bakery. Please clarify or actually come visit next year and plug in vs just photographing our art and calling it a kitchen. Tolerating you.

    1. Teryani says:

      While it is true that Lovin Ovens is a bakery and not a “kitchen,” this site’s intentions are not limited to kitchens. Granola Funk, Tea Time, Info and many others will eventually be included, as well as numerous individuals that are not affiliated with any particular group but have been coming for a long time. Clarification was intended (and certainly on the individual pages) but I haven’t yet come up with a decent tag line. If you have an idea for a short, all-inclusive tag line, feel free to suggest it. For now, there’s a snippet on this page that’s been added and I’ve added “bakeries” to the tag line (though that’s still not all-inclusive) On another point, all of these photos are mine unless otherwise mentioned. None have been faked or stolen from other places. If you’re not sure of this ask any focalizer who was at the Ovens this year–they’re all well aware of this project (and most have known me for many years).

    2. Val says:

      Wow that is heavy Fire Dragon, and also if I may say slightly nit picking. Loving your bakery and loving all the kitchens too. I know I will never again mischaracterize your bakery as a kitchen but wow, sounds like there is some underlying resentment at the basis of your remark. Not feeling so rainbow about this vibe.

      1. Val Greenoak says:

        By the way I am Val Greenoak not the famous Val of the water. Just wanting to make this clear.

  3. Feather says:

    Hihi! Although Nic@Nite isn’t a kitchen, although we do burn stuff….. Lol….. I’m hoping to see it on here. I’m one of the two people who started it at Oregon Nationals in 1997. I think that was 97. I’m old. Hehe. Anyway, it was me (Feather) and Pixie, on the side of Main Trail, where it forked between main circle and trade circle. I’m still awed and amazed that it’s still going. It’s changed a whole lot from the original idea, but still, people get their smokes. That was the original point, and by god, they still get em.

    1. Teryani says:

      Hi Feather, this page is for all the long-standing entities of the US Rainbow, so Nic@Night will eventually be included (if so they wish). But I didn’t get a chance to interview any of their focalizers this year, so it’ll have to wait until next year. I did, however, get one Nic@Nighter for one of the individual interviews.

    2. Nic@Nite is definitely not a kitchen, because a kitchen is for everyone. I personally think that Nic@Night is on a par with A Camp and to encourage or facilitate folks to partake of toxic substances is not a true Rainbow value {my personal opinion} It is important for kitchens to be classified as a kitchen to get a donation from the Magic Hat. I sure hope that Magic Hat money is never given to Nic@Night!

    1. Teryani says:

      Hi Clearwater. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. I’ve emailed you and sent a FB message to you. If you don’t find a message from me, hit me back here.

  4. Tai magik says:

    This project is amazing!! Thank you for your time in trying to capture such amazing kitchens!!!
    Much love!
    Have you considered doing a piece on rainbow relief kitchens…aslon and fam in texas and Aaron’s thing in Florida? Also dj relief work??
    You great writing would benefit what are turning into amazing kitchens beyond gatherings…

    1. Teryani says:

      Hi. Thanks for appreciating the blog. Working on the Rainbow Relief kitchens is a great idea, but I won’t be able to do it this year. I’m already backlogged with posts that are supposed to be up. If it happens again next year I may very well be able to go out there and put up some posts that feature them.

  5. Gary Stubbs says:

    maybe Rainbow Crystal Kitchen should be on this list …considering RCK is the oldest still operating kitchen in the gathering if you exclude Loven ovens which is technically a bakery

    1. Teryani says:

      It should, and I’m waiting for you to show up in ID so I can get some photos and do the interview!

  6. freeschool.0id.org /house
    …is a small thing in Europe, Czech Republic. And much of Rainbow spirit is in me and what I’ve done and what I’m doing.

    If around ‘EU’ pop in!
    I have lots to share / teach if wanted and can support your stay.

    Contact via site message – No facebook and less of these ‘services’!

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