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Casual Encounters

Known for its fantastic breakfasts and brunches, Casual Encounters is a morning favorite among many gatherers.

The core group first hooked up in 2011, when a bunch of people were looking for a ride share to the Washington gathering via Craigslist. That first year they were just a group of friends camping together, but by the time the 2012 Tennessee gathering came around, they’d picked up a bunch of kitchen gear with the intention of serving breakfast every day.

It’s grown since then and goodies can often be found 24/7 during the height of the gathering.

One unusual thing about the Casual Encounter kitchen is that it’s entirely gluten-free. It’s one of the few places in the gathering that someone with Celiac’s disease can eat without worrying about cross contamination.

With that caveat, everyone is welcome to come and cook in the Casual Encounters kitchen, as long as the food is gluten-free.

We try to keep it casual. There’s no guilting. Anything you do you should feel good about it.

Casual Encounters as a camp tries to be really welcoming and inviting. We hold space for people to offer whatever they have. Sometimes it’s hard for folks to find a place to plug in. At Casual Encounters it’s easy. It’s a positive space where everyone works together and really enjoys each other’s company.

Casual Encounters Breakfast
Cooking up some eggs from Organic Valley

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  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I love all of the Gathering members so much especially the kitchen thank you all for my memories and I hope to see you in the future with my children Good Vibes and peacefulness forever…
    Sincerely, Ruby Gulch. Arivaca Arizona PS please come back

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