Blaze Morningstar

Blaze Morningstar: “Together We Thrive”

Rainbow gatherings are for me a chance to rebuild everything that’s in myself right now, a chance to rebuild the world around me. They’re also a chance to show my children that life is beautiful just the way it is.

Love is the ultimate form of communication

Here it doesn’t matter that I’m 80% deaf. If I say “Hey, what was that?” people will stop and try to convey it to me as long as I need. In Babylon, people generally don’t have the time for that kind of “inconvenience.” Either you hear it or you don’t, and if you don’t, well then oh well.

Blaze Morningstar and her son at Shut Up and Eat It

One thing I’m really fond of telling my kitchen crew: “Alone we survive. Together we thrive.” I think  it’s important to remember this.

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  1. Pete Heartsong says:

    So glad to have found this site! I’m working to get in contact with Rainbow Family people in the upper midwest (we are in Madison Wisconsin). Is there a person we could call or email for up-to-date information about regional gatherings?

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