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The Belly Buttons of Rainbow

The purpose of the Kitchens of Rainbow was originally to help very disparate sections of Rainbow get to know a little more about each other, to give voice to the heartsongs of folks rarely asked. Even at Rainbow it can be easy to gravitate only towards the people you vibe with and see those who aren’t like you as “other.” It’s also remarkably easy to assume by looking at someone that we know something about their values, their beliefs, and what’s important to them. And while this may be especially true of the divide between “shanti rainbows” and “dirty kids,” it happens with other demographics as well.

So this second part of the blog is focused on interviews from Rainbows across the spectrum–from children to “olders,” from “dirty kids” to “shanti rainbows” and more. The main guidelines I used was that the interviewee needed to have gone to at least five US national gatherings and that they were folks not frequently interviewed before. The intent was to find a wide variety of folks who know and love Rainbow and to provide a place for them to give voice to why they come and what’s important to them.

The posts on the different kitchens and entities of Rainbow will also continue, just now intermixed with posts of individual belly buttons. And just as on the fourth with starting the celebrations with the children’s parade (concluding the meditation), I chose to start the first couple with some of the youngers who come to Rainbow. So, without further ado, please check out the posts on Phoenix and Noah. From there, you can find your way to Tiana or, if you haven’t read up on all the kitchens posted, check them out as well.

A belly button serving for Fat Kids at Main Circle

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  1. Yaudi says:

    Oh so very blessed to have Teryani and her beloved family as apart of our family! She is an angel with a singing voice to match. Sooooooo much Love and respect! 💜🌈💜

    1. Teryani says: Author

      Not all the kitchens are here yet…it’s a work in progress…don’t worry, RCK won’t be left out…

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