Andy Avocado singing at Rainbow

Andy Avocado: “Home Found Me”

First Gathering: Utah 2003

You Can Find Me At: Instant Soup!

Andy came to his first Rainbow with a bunch of friends, but got separated from them his first night there. Not having a flashlight, he wasn’t able to find their tent until morning. When he finally did find it, however, there was a note pinned to it. Apparently one of his friends needed to be taken out—and the rest left with him. Avocado was left there alone, not knowing anyone, not feeling like he could fit in (not being a hippy and all). He also no longer had a ride…they’d taken the car with them.

“You’re home. Come on in.”

So he sat down on a log and lit a cigarette. Then a few folks came out of the kitchen that was nearby (which just so happened to be Instant Soup). They joined him on the log and asked him if he was okay. He told them his story. One took a few moments and then said, “Well this is Instant Soup. Why don’t you come in and have some breakfast? Don’t worry about any of that other stuff. Just have breakfast and we’ll figure out the other stuff later on. You’re home. Come on in.”

Avocado whips up something tasty at Instant Soup

Now Instant Soup is an integral part of Avocado’s life. He feels a sense of family with them…all year long.

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