A dish of yummies served at Main Circle


Rainbow Gatheirng Kitchens 2017
Instant Soup, Oregon 2017

This website was created to give a voice to all the long-standing kitchens of the US national rainbow gatherings and the humans that build them, work in them, and love them. After 45 years, Rainbow now has a rich tapestry of hipstory, and the kitchens have been a key piece of it. Although mostly older kitchens were interviewed first, the intent is to give voice to a wide variety of individuals and groups, “shanti,””dirty kid,” and everything in between. Through perusing these pages we’ll hopefully get to know each other better–I know I’ve already learned a lot.

Luvin Oven rolls
The lovely rolls of Luvin Ovens, 2017

This site and everything to do with it still a work in progress, so please be patient if you’re looking forward to your interview being posted. While I’m hoping to do a blog post once a week featuring a different kitchen, person, or kitchen aspect, so far I’m averaging about one every two-three weeks. (This stuff’s a lot of work!)

Note: If you’re looking for the larger hipstory of Rainbow as recounted through our “earlies,” please see The Sounds Of Rainbow website Tenali put together.

How Do Kitchens Get Featured?

The way 99% of the content on this site came into being is that I simply went around the Oregon 2017 gathering and gathered interviews and took pictures. With a few exceptions, all the information gathering is being done on the land. If focalizers from your kitchen (or other Rainbow entity) didn’t get interviewed this gathering, it will unfortunately have to wait until 2018, as I have more than enough material to last through the rest of this year.

Another note: Permission was meticulously sought for all photos and postings. The only exceptions might be if your back was toward me, but in general, photos like the one above were taken with the entire kitchen either opting in or out.

Pasta at main Circle
Pasta at Main Circle

Where Does The Content Come From?

As much as possible, all content comes directly from the interviewees. Where kitchens are concerned, this may be the original focalizers or depending on how long the kitchen’s been around, it could be other long-term focalizers. Sometimes the main focalizers of an entity won’t be named. If that’s the case, it’s by request. (If you know how the FS behaves at Rainbow, esp. with the more established kitchens, you’ll understand why.)

If you like a particular piece, let that kitchen know (and/or it’s focalizers if they’ve been named). It shines on their content alone–I’m just the one putting it in blog form. I try to keep my own 2-cents out of it.

That being said, all photos and writing were done by me, Teryani, unless otherwise specified.


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  1. Jerry Winkelmann says:

    Hey I posted on FB and wanted to share here

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